Retail Scales

Discount UK supplier of digital industrial, commercial, retail weighing scales, counting scales and cash tills


Salter Brecknell (Avery )BK860 (FX220) m/b6kg x 1gPlate 220 x 300£225
(note 1)BK860 (FX220) m/b6kg x 1gSweet Scoop£270
 BK860 (FX220) m/b15kg x 5gPlate 220 x 300£225
 BK860 (FX220) m/b15kg x 5gVeg Scoop£270
Receipt printerBK910S15kg x 5gPlate250 x 330£700
label/receipt printerBK920S15kg x 5gPlate250 x 330£790
METTLERTiger ll m/b3kg x 1gPlate342 x 242£245
 Tiger LPCN m/b15Kg x 5gPlate342 x 242£245
 Tiger LPCN m/b30kg x 10gPlate342 x 242£245
 Mini Tiger6Kg x 2gPlate293 x 202£200
 Mini Tiger15Kg x 5gPlate293 x 202£200
 Mini Tiger6Kg or 15KgScoop£245
CASTP6/156Kg or15KgPlate 332 x 250£195
MKSEuroscale m/b6kg x 2gPlate 280 x 240£230
 Euroscale m/b15kg x 5gPlate 280 x 240£230
 Euroscale m/b6kg x 2gSweet Scoop£255
 Euroscale m/b15kg x 5gVeg Scoop£255
A & DSG-A m/b6kg x 2gPlate 300 x 280£255
 SG-A m/b15kg x 5gPlate 300 x 280£255
 SF-B m/b Tower6kg x 2gPlate 300 x 280£265
 SF-B m/b Tower15kg x 5gPlate 300 x 280£265
AEAZ15 m/b15kg x 5gPlate 295 x 245£175
 AZ15 m/b15kg x 5gScoop£210
AZ30 m/b30kg x 10gPlate 295 x 245£175