Laboratory Scales

Discount UK supplier of digital industrial, commercial, retail weighing scales, counting scales and cash tills


AQT200 m/b200 x 0.01g130mm dia.£155.00
 AQT250 m/b250 x 0.1g130mm dia.£75.00
 AQT600 m/b600 x 0.1g130mm dia.£100.00
 AQT1500 m/b1500 x 0.1g130mm dia.£155.00
 AQT2000 m/b2000 x 1g130mm dia.£80.00
 AQT5000 m/b5000 x 1g130mmdia.£110.00
 ACB150 m/b150 x 0.005g120mm dia.£250.00
 ACB300 m/b300 x 0.01g120mm dia.£250.00
 ACB600 m/b600 x 0.02g120mm dia.£250.00
***ACB600H m/b600 x 0.01g120mm dia£295.00
 ACB1500 m/b1500 x 0.05g144 x 124mm£250.00
 ACB3000 m/b3000 x 0.1g144 x 124mm£250.00
 AMB50 moisture balance50 x 0.001g100 mm dia.£1150
 AFP110L110g X 0.001g100 mm dia.£595
 AFP800L800g X 0.1g100 mm dia.£495
A & DHL200200g x 0.10g136 x 136£80.00
 HL400400g x 0.10g136 x 136£90.00
 HL20002000g x 1.00g136 x 136£80.00
 HL40004000g x 1.00g136 x 136£90.00
 EK-200G200g x 0.01g110 dia£300.00
 EK-600G600g x 0.10g170 x 133£225.00
 EK-2000G2000g x 0.10g170 x 133£410.00
 EK-6000G6000g x 1.00g170 x 133£270.00
 EK-12000G12000g x 1.00g170 x 133£525.00
 SK10001000g x 0.50g230 x 190£95.00
 SK20002000g x 1.00g230 x 190£95.00
 SK5K5000g x 2.00g230 x 190£95.00
 SK10K10000g x 5.00g230 x 190£95.00
 SK20K20000g x 10.00g230 x 190£95.00
 SK1000-WP StSt IP651000g x 0.5g232 x 192£225
 SK2000-WP StSt IP652000g x 1g232 x 192£225
 SK5000-WP StSt IP655000g x 2g232 x 192£225
 EK600H(Approved) 600g x 0.01g 170 x 133£500
 EK6000H(Approved) 600g x 0.10g 170 x 133£500
SALTER BRECKNELL (AveryBerkel)TA302300g x 0.01g116 dia£240
  TA602/2 600g x 0.02g 116 dia£240
  TA1502/5 1500g x 0.05g 144 x 124£240
  TA3001 3000g x 0.10g 144 x 124£255
  TB61 600g x 0.10g 170 dia£325
 TB1511500g x 0.10g170 dia£400
 TC606000g x 1.00g190 x 170£350
 FA113110g x 0.001g115 dia£860
 FB2122100g x 0.01g180 x 180£850
 FB4114100g x 0.10g180 x 180£750
 FB7117100g x 0.10g180 x 180£900
 FC16116000g x 0.10g417 x 307£1800
GOODGSW-15001500g x 0.10g230 x 290£345
 GSW-30003000g x 0.20g230 x 290£345
 GSW-60006000g x 0.50g230 x 290£345
 GSW-15K15kg x 1.00g230 x 290£345
KERN440-33200g x 0.01g105 dia£210
 440-43400g x 0.10g130 x 130£120
 440-45600g x 0.10g130 x 130£160
 572-498100g x 0.10200 x 160£410
 440-514000g x 1.00g170 x 150£110
 440-536000g x 1.00g170 x 150£145
TANITA11441000g x 1.00g179 x 179£85
 11442000g x 2.00g179 x 179£85
 114415000g x 5.00g179 x 179£85
 1458N (S/S)2000g x 1.00g164 x 164£130
 TLC1003000g x 1.00g232 x 232£215
 TLC1006000g x 2.00g232 x 232£215
 TLC10015000g x 5.00g232 x 232£215
 TLC100A (Approved)3000g x 1.00g232 x 232£250
 TLC100A (Approved)6000g x 2.00g232 x 232£250
 TLC100A (Approved)15000g x 5.00g232 x 232£250
 TLC150 (Checkweigher)3000g x 1.00g232 x 232£265
 TLC150 (Checkweigher)6000g x 2.00g232 x 232£265
 TLC150 (Checkweigher)15000g x 5.00g232 x 232£265
U W EGM11001100g x 0.10g250 x 210£295
 GM60006000g x 1.00g250 x 210£245
 GM11K11kg x 1.00g250 x 210£295
 GM15K15kg x 2.00g250 x 210£245
 GM30K30kg x 5.00g250 x 210£275